Thursday, January 16, 2020

What would you eat to lose weight

What to eat to lose weight? Perhaps this is the eternal question of those who are losing weight, who are considered "witches" of those who eat everything and do not get better. Each approaches this question in his own way.
Some simply remain with their habits and at the same time complain about poor genetics, neighbours who react to your jumps from home training or that eating right is expensive.
There are many such arguments, we, in turn, suggest that you figure out what and how much to eat per day in order to lose weight. The Venus Factor offers the best weight loss of digital products

How to count calories

Calorie Counting  
What would you eat to lose weight

Many, who already asked themselves this question, received a quite reasoned answer - each of us has a calorie intake rate. If we exceed it, we create a surplus in this way - the weight increases. If we do not reach it (create a deficit - the weight decreases).

Let’s faster this norm for me, I’ll lose weight!” -

 you say, but everything is a little more complicated, we are all different, and therefore the norm cannot be uniform   

There is a standard calorie calculation formula from which you can build on and adjust your data. Depending on whether you get the necessary results, adhering to these recommendations.

Calorie Daily Calculation 

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An important indicator in this formula is your activity - this is a coefficient that affects your final result and, accordingly, the amount of food you can eat per day.

By increasing household activity, you give yourself the opportunity to eat more, while losing weight. Of course, you will have to change your established lifestyle a little. If you want to see another reflection in the mirror, then you need to live differently.

Quick Weight Loss Tips 

Walk in the park 
What would you eat to lose weight
walk in the park on a daily basis.


Simple, but at the same time very effective tips: start walking more, get off at 1 stop earlier, do not use the elevator, take a walk at lunchtime.
Start doing a little exercise, gradually increasing the complexity of your home workouts.
It’s not necessary to spend big money on gyms, coaches, a large amount of equipment, just love yourself and be active, then you will succeed.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

10 reasons to eat fish more often

Fish is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals for humans, which is just the presence of omega-3 fatty acid. Today we’ll talk about why you need to eat fish in the winter and how it can affect the human body. We present you 12 main reasons to love the meat of these scaly creatures.

Fish lowers the risk of heart and vascular disease 

10 reasons to eat fish more often

As we mentioned earlier, there are fatty acids in fish. It is omega-3 that protects the body from inflammation and chronic diseases, including the heart. In many scientific papers, one can see a remark that fish meat helps prevent coronary heart disease and various types of cardio failure.

Fish will help your bones 

Fish meat is full of vitamin D, which directly affects the absorption of calcium. No matter how we try, pouring ourselves in yoghurts, eating cottage cheese and eating pure pharmacy calcium, there is little sense without fish, therefore it is so strongly recommended that children eat it.

Fish meat improves eyesight 

Modern technologies constantly affect our lives and not always this effect is positive. The presence of smartphones, laptops and other means of communication is very pressure on the eyes, so you need to eat well so that vision does not fall. In this case, it can help fish. All the same fatty acids, led by omega-3s, have a beneficial effect on vision and restore it.

Improving sleep with fish meat in the diet 

Deep sleep
10 reasons to eat fish more often

Healthy sleep is also a guarantee of the quality of life and a person and you need to sleep enough. Sometimes even 10 hours is not enough to get enough sleep and all because of a lack of vitamin D. All the same unfortunate vitamin that helps so much in a company affects sleep quality. No wonder they say that children grow up in a dream.

We treat arthritis with fish 

As you already know, fish meat has a beneficial effect on bones, therefore it is not surprising that with frequent consumption of fish, the pain of rheumatoid arthritis is reduced. By the way, fish helps to carry out some kind of disease prevention, and not only relieves symptoms. Read my Article Healthy Well Balanced Diet

Lowering cholesterol with fish meat

One of the main enemies of the body is fats. There are the correct fatty acids that are necessary for the body, the same omega-3, but there is very aggressive cholesterol, which causes clogged vessels.
It is the use of fish that helps lower blood cholesterol.

Autoimmune diseases and fish 

Among the most common and terrible autoimmune diseases, diabetes is worth highlighting. This problem can befall everyone and everyone, regardless of age and gender. Thanks to fish meat, metabolism and, in particular, carbohydrate metabolism can be significantly improved.

Lowering blood pressure and increasing attention 

Increased attention in the child
10 reasons to eat fish more often

If you still do not understand why you need to eat fish, then here are a couple more reasons. Many studies have shown that the presence of fish meat in the diet can greatly affect the pressure. In adolescents, this helps to relieve migraines and makes you better concentrate on any activities.

The benefits of fish for the liver 

The liver is the largest internal organ of a person through which many substances pass, and a large half remains. The liver is also our reserve energy station, which stores fats for an emergency, but sometimes this fat is too much. Fish helps to normalize the breakdown of lipids in the liver and reduce the risk of any pathologies. First of all, it sways the disease of "steatosis" in which a huge amount of fat accumulates in the liver.
That's all the reasons why you need to eat fish. All of them show that fish is an important and useful product that cannot be denied!
← Health benefits and harms of pomegranate in heart disease, arthrosis and diabetes
Watch the video for fish benefits.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Remove Belly Fat

Remove Belly Fat
The two main options that are exercising and dieting are actually the only ways to remove belly fat. Below, the information will be given to you step by step that what steps a person should take when he wants to remove belly fat.
But the situation is a little bit different in women. For women, there are 3 main options to remove belly fat. And the best option of all is to utilize a product known as the VENUS FACTOR. This product will help them in losing weight of the body as well as fat rapidly and easily.

Step# 01:  Adopt exercises regularly

The first step you must take in order to remove belly fat is that you must collect some exercises. Those exercises must include abdomen exercises as well as body exercises. Some of the exercises of stomach and body in my knowledge are:
1.       Squat with the help of the ball
2.       The flamingo stability
3.       Swimming
4.       Jogging
5.       Frog bends
Remove Belly Fat

You may choose any exercise you want to practice, but you must also carry out the exercise for the whole body. Read article Healthy Ways to Lose Belly Fat.
To remove belly fat one thing must be remembered that exercises are regularly carried out. You may carry out only 2-3 sets of each exercise, but you must carry out regularly. Regularly means that if you plan to carry each exercise 3 times a week, then you must carry out that exercise 3 times every week.
But extra exercise must not be carried out because extra exercise helps in harming the body. It will not help you to remove belly fat.
There is a great opportunity for women to remove belly fat. They can easily burn obese on the stomach by utilizing a product known as the VENUS FACTOR. 
Step# 02:
The next step is completely related to the first step. People usually carry exercise to remove belly fat, randomly, even without asking or taking advice from the doctor. Step 02 instructs you about that whenever you choose any exercise relating body, you must go to your doctor and must ask him if the exercises you select are suitable to practice or not. The doctor will tell you that the exercises you select are suitable for practice and will not affect your health.  Besides, he will also give you some advice. Those devices must have listened as well as followed carefully.

Step# 03: Use Balanced Diets

Carrying out exercise alone achieves nothing. To remove belly fat there is another option also. This option is keeping a balanced diet.
A balanced diet means that the right amount of energy, water, food, minerals and nutrition is taken in order to meet the body requirements. Dieting refers to lessen the amount of eating you eat daily. It does not mean that to stop eating. Nutrition and minerals must be taken in a proper amount otherwise it is dangerous for the body. Lack of nutrition in the body will cause the person to suffer from malnutrition. To remove belly fat you must prevent from eating those foods which increase fat. Click Here check products for body fitness
Step# 04:
The last step is also totally related to the third step. Before you go on with dieting you must contact to any physician or nutritionist. You must tell him about what you are going on with your dieting process. In this way, he will tell you that from which foods you should prevent in order to remove belly fat. He will also tell you about foods you must take in quantity so that proper nutrition goes into your body. watch the video fit life. 

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Commitment To Weight Loss Program Pays Off

Commitment To Weight Loss Program Pays Off
the best weight loss motivation

The ultimate way to achieve permanent weight loss results is to change your lifestyle of healthy eating habit and regular exercise.
But, few can achieve that. Many of us want to lose weight but cannot be committed to the program and give up halfway. As a result, we can’t get the desired results.
Terry Young is an exception.  Once she made up her mind to get healthy, she stays committed to the program and reaps the reward of losing inches and body toning in the right places and developing a healthy lifestyle that can sustain the weight loss for good. Visit: Venus Factor for digital products.

Here is an interview with Terry:

Su Lee:  When did you decide to go on a weight loss program

Terry: I have always been very interested in getting healthy, but have not been serious about it. I have a family history of hypertension, body fat and visceral fats. After the last medical check and the report showing less than ideal results, and a history of knee pain that bothered me, I decided to seriously do something about it.
Su Lee:  What did you do? 
Terry: First, I did a 30 days detox program with Clear Start 30 Days Detox. This is program consist of 3 items; Paraway Plus to eliminate parasites from the body, LiFiber to scrub off all unwanted waste in the colon that has accumulated over the years and Nature’s Tea to clear the colon of toxins. I recorded what I need to do in a diary to track and managed the program.
After the detox program, I took Bios Life Slim, a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, 10-15 minutes before each meal to help regulate the blood sugar and train the body to burn fat. I also take Super Chlorophyll, which is chlorophyll based on alfalfa plant to regulate the body alkalinity.
Body Fitness

Next, I engaged a personal trainer whom I trained with for an hour a week. She used the Pilate machine to work on the core body. She worked on my abdomen, legs, upper and lower body and strengthened my hamstring. I also walk for at least 1 hour every day. In the first 6 months, I followed a strict vegetarian diet of fruits, vegetable, brown rice and whole grains and lentils. Then cut all meat, refined carbohydrates, seafood, processed food such as ham and alcohol. Click Here 
My daily meals include:
Breakfast – roll oats, honey, dried fruits, low-fat milk and 1 cup of green tea.
Lunch – 1 portion of cooked vegetable or salad, fruits and tapioca.
Dinner – brown rice, lentil and cooked vegetable.
2 litres of water.
Next, I took up a body contouring package with Marie France Bodyline for 5-6 months. I followed the program closely and did not miss a single session.

Su Lee:  What were the challenges you face while going through the program?

Terry: The major challenge is when eating out with friends, family members and relatives. It is difficult to tell them I don’t eat some of the foods. I get a funny look from friends when I told them I eat only fruits, vegetables and brown rice. However, I persevered and ignored the funny looks. I ordered only the vegetarian items from the menu.
Su Lee:  So, what were the results?
Terry: By the 4th month into the program, I started to feel that my clothes are loose. Many people start to comment that I lost weight from my facial features.  I find that my body became more flexible and supple. I lost about 20 inches of body fat. More information

Su Lee: What did you do to maintain this new bodyweight? 

Terry:  My weekly exercise regime includes strengthening my core muscle as well as walking.
My diet is still based on vegetables and whole grain. But, now, I allow 2 meals a week to eat whatever I like such as pizza and chilli crab. I start to introduce some meat such as fish, chicken and lean beef into the meal in some days of the week. And I indulge in a piece of cake once in a while. I do not touch any beer and drink 1-2 wine a week occasionally. I drink 2 litres of water daily.

Su Lee: What advice would you give to people who are trying to lose weight?

Terry: One must be serious and be committed to the diet and exercise program. One must stick to it all the way. Ask yourself this problem, “ If you do not take care of your own fitness, who is going to prepare it?”
Terry is a perfect example of the commitment one has to make in the weight loss program and stick to it until you get the change in lifestyle habit. When you achieve that, you find it is all worth it!
If comparable this post, you can obtain extra by satisfying in the form at the correct side and you will become extra instructions and material next to your way. See video for perfect body formation.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Change Her Lifestyle And Loss Weight For Good

Most people struggle to lose weight. They may embark on some programs for a short time and stop when they see there is no result. Or they may be successful in losing some pounds only to put it all back again.
Not for Hafsah Binte Abdullah. Hafsah comes from a family of 6 and everyone are overweight. She was quite big when she was 12.  When the school nurse advised her to lose weight, the only way she knew how was to control her diet by skipping meals. When she was in high school, she starting running a few times a week. Right up to University, she continued to be active and was able to maintain her weight at 55kg.
When Hafsah got married and had 4 kids, her weight went up and down with each pregnancy. After childbirth, she resumed running and cut down on her food, but it did not help to bring her weight down to the target.
After the birth of her fourth child, she experiences numbness sensation on her face and slurring of speech. It seemed like a stroke but medical examination did not show anything. That got her worried. Hafsah also attended my health talk and took a measurement of her body composition. The result showed she had body fat that was 5% above the normal target and her body age was 15 years older. That was the moment of awakening. Hafsah made up her mind to change her lifestyle.
The first thing Hafsah did was to change her diet. The usual diet of ethnic Malay is white rice, white bread, biscuits and lots of coconut gravy laden vegetables and meat dishes. She now eats more complex carbohydrate such as sweet potato, grilled or baked chicken, no fried food. She avoided fast food and also has bigger portions of vegetables and salads. Hafsah brings home-cooked food for lunch and dines out less. Read the Article. Healthy Well Balanced Diet
Her new lifestyle also includes running longer distance; from 5km to 20km. She started taking part in event races such as the Standard Chartered Marathon race and she managed to complete her first marathon run-in December 2013. Her husband and her children were inspired by her running that they also become more active and took up cycling and swimming.

Her effort has paid off. In January 2012, her measurement was 70kg bodyweight, 35% body fat, 51 years old body age and BMI 27.4. By January 2014, her measurement is 60kg bodyweight, 30% body fat, 44 years old body age and BMI 23.

Determination, perseverance, embracing a new lifestyle and family involvement is the key to Hafsah’s success in losing weight and body fat for good. She is now living a healthy lifestyle that can sustain her to the rest of her life. Do you have a lifestyle that can support your weight loss targets? Share with me in the comment box below. If like this post, you can receive more by filling in the form at the right side and you will get regular tips and information coming your way.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Burn Fat And Lose Weight
What do people normally do when they try to lose weight? They would starve themselves and start jogging. This is not going to work! Instead, you should burn fat with the right exercise and a healthy diet.

What are the consequences of a starvation diet?

A starvation diet is when the calories intake is too low: 1200 calories for women and 1800 calories for men.
When the body senses that there are lower than normal caloric intake, the fat cells sound the alarm and decrease the release of Leptin, the hormone that controls fat metabolism, tells the brain you are full. When Leptin level decrease, the appetite goes out of control and makes you feel hungry and you want to eat more.
Reduced Leptin level causes Lipase (fat burning enzyme) to decrease and slow down fat burning.
The starvation diet reduces the energy level in the body. But maintaining muscle in the body requires energy. So, the body loses muscle mass due to the lack of energy to maintain it.

What is an effective weight loss program?

Burn Fat And Lose Weight

The most effective way is to reduce calories slightly and increase the activities level.

A small caloric reduction will not trigger the starvation diet response.  The amount of calories reduction depends on body size, the amount of lean body mass, activity level, age and gender. Generally, reduce calories intake by about 20% is safe.

Increase activities level to burn fat and calories. To reduce 1 lb of fat, the body needs to burn 3500 calories. So, if you burn 500 calories a day, you can reduce body fat by 1 lb a week.  Losing 1-2 lb of fat a week is safe. In one month, you can lose 4 lb / 1.8 kg of fat which can equate to losing your body weight.

Put some planning into how are you going to take off 500 calories/day or 3500 calories /week. You may reduce 250 calories (20%) from food and at the same time burn 250 calories from exercise every day.

If you are unable to exercise enough during the weekday, make use of the weekend to increase the activities level in order to compensate so that you can achieve the 3500 calories per week target. Check out how much calories burn of different exercise. Read my article Good Fat Burning Exercises.

Doing circuit preparation is an effective way to burn fat within a short quantity of time consumed during the exercise. You can burn fat and form strength in the same period. This will defend you from losing your strength in a caloric reduced nutrition.

Cut out foods that contain the most amount of calories and saturated fats:

  • Replace fizzy drinks with water and green tea
  • Change whole milk to skimmed milk or better still soya milk
  • Cut down unhealthy treats such as biscuits, potato chips, cakes and pastries
  • Cut down beers and alcohols.
  • Replace deep-fried food with steam, boiled and roast.
  • Feed the muscle with more lean protein and go for foods that burn fat.
There is no one magic pill or easy way to lose fat. You have to be determined and persevere. And when you succeed, you will feel a million times better. You got to try it to believe.

Are you finding that you lack the discipline to lose weight on your own and would like someone to stick with you until you succeed? I can help you achieve the target and maintain the ideal weight for good! See video for a smart life.
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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Useful Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

Useful Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

How to lose stomach fat in 2 weeks how to Lose Belly Fat in Two Weeks:

A lot of people are overweight; therefore, they are also having a difficult time managing their lives because of their obesity. Aside from the burden of their heavyweights, they also need to face various illnesses that are associated with obesity. If you are somebody suffering from weight difficulties, now is the seamless time to lose weight most especially your belly fat. The best digital products available at VENUS FACTOR.
 If you have used numerous procedures of losing belly fat but did not succeed in any way, do not despair because there are other alternatives that you can apply. It is necessary for you to understand that not all methods may work effectively for each individual, so it is essential to find a technique that will work efficiently for you. This may require a lot of research and patience in your part so that you can achieve your goal successfully.
 If you consume the right technique, you can lose your belly fat in the fastest possible period. In fact, you can lose weight in just a span of weeks. Here are some valuable tips that you can apply on how to lose belly fat in 2 weeks:
 Fat burning workouts- If you want to slim down in a span of weeks, you should undergo fat burning workouts. These workouts may include intensive cardio exercises and full-body strength exercises. Most fats would accumulate in the stomach area, so if you apply full-body workout exercises, you can effectively burn the fats in your tummy. In calculation, you can also reach lean muscles that will provide excessive abs.
 Severe diet- Strength workouts and fat burning exercises are not sufficient in burning belly fat. It is also essential to monitor a severe and well diet so that needed outcomes can be found rapidly. If you desire to effectively burn your belly fat, you need to reduce eating processed, fast, junks, and sweet foods. These foods are rich with fatty and oily ingredients that usually trigger the development of fatty tissues in the body. Eat and drink fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits. Click Here to get benefits.
 Water intake- Water is just considered the most important the element needed by any living organism; therefore, human beings will not be able to survive without enough water fluids in their body. Just the same way, the body also requires enough water to eliminate harmful toxins and help remove excess body fats just like belly fat. Click here for the best products

More Useful Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks:

Eliminate alcohol consumption- Drinking of alcohol is particularly associated with fat gaining in the body. Alcohol contains calories that add body fat, so if you always drink alcohol, this could also be the cause of your excess body fat. In addition, drinking of alcohol will leave you hungry, so you will just crave for food and gain weight.
 Dietary supplements- Aside from workout and healthy diet, it is also necessary to add dietary supplements because the body needs help in boosting body metabolism. It has been proven that individuals with faster metabolism lose weight faster than those with poor metabolism. Just ensure to find a dietary supplement that will work effectively with your dietary plan.
 Choosing the right workout plan- There are various workout plans that you can apply, but if you want to see desirable results in two weeks’ time, you should focus solely on your tummy area. There are various abdomen workouts that you can apply such as crunches. Just ensure to combine this with a healthy dose of weight lifting and cardio workout. More read Article. Good Fat Burning Exercises
Useful Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks
do crunches really smartness belly fat

 Discipline and determination- If you are truly serious in losing weight and eliminating belly fat in two weeks, you should have the right attitude so that you can achieve your goals successfully. You should keep in mind to follow your intended plan so that you can attain your goal of losing belly fat in a faster manner. With discipline and determination, you can certainly achieve a slimmer and healthier body that you desire to have.
With all these useful tips on how to lose belly fat in 2 weeks, you can definitely eliminate your stomach fats sooner than you might think. Most importantly, you achieve a healthier body that is disease-free. When you have a healthy and fit body, you can easily do whatever you want to do. In addition, you get to enjoy your life for the longest time because you have attained optimal health. See video   
                                           >>>Useful Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks >>>

Monday, December 23, 2019

Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight

Top 10 tips to make weight loss easy

successful top 10 tips  

1: Stop eating sugar
Sugar is your opponent when it arises to weight loss… More useful information Click Here
Remember: Sugar controls insulin, insulin controls fat gain…
2: Remove carbohydrates from your diet
Not all carbs obviously, but most. No simple carbohydrates as they convert to glucose far too quickly leading to fat gain.
3: Stop eating white foods
This mainly means stop eating grains and foods which can be made from grains. Wheat, corn, sugar, rice etc. Cauliflower is okay… Use your brain and your discretion
4: Stop eating out as much
It is half the battle knowing what to order in order to lose weight from restaurants. It is another knowing how food should be cooked to retain nutrients and stay healthy. By not eating out as often as most people, you’ll be totally in control of the food you prepare.
5: Learn how to cook
Learning how to cook will ensure that you are always in control of what you eat and where your food is coming from. You’ll learn what you like and prefer cooking for yourself in no time. Plus, there really is nothing like a home-cooked meal. Read My Article Lose Weight Techniques
6: Eat more fat
Fat isn’t the enemy. Fat doesn’t make you fat and the “fat contains more calories” model is flawed and imprecise. Carbohydrates and sugar are your number one contributor to fat gain. Your body knows what to do with fat and lots of it, but it doesn’t know how to handle large amounts of carbohydrates, leaving it with no choice but to convert excess amounts into fat.
7: Eat more protein
Eat more protein 

And by protein, more meat. Animal fats are good for you. Yes, good for you. Try to eat high-quality meats that are of grass-fed or organic origins as much as possible. Animals, especially cows carry much of their fat in their meat, and so you really are what you eat.
8: Supplement for vitamins, especially vitamin D is one of the most ignored vitamins. It is required for many essential bodily functions and most people don’t get enough of the stuff. Try to enjoy your morning coffee in the sun, let those rays produce all-natural vitamin D. Otherwise, find a supplement of at least 2000 IU of vitamin D.
9: Reduce alcohol consumption 
And only drink “clean” alcohols, like wine and some whiskeys. Many alcohols contain gluten and other problematic compounds (other than alcohol of course). Keep to one unit a day.

10: Lift heavy things
Use your primal power and try to work out hard once a week. Try to lift heavy objects and work to muscle failure. The metabolic and muscle building benefits are great and you’ll feel fantastic.

 Exercise is the physical motion that is scheduled, structured, and repetitive for the resolve of conditioning the physique. The workout contains cardiovascular conditioning, power and struggle exercise, and elasticity. See Video.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Free Health Tips for Natural Weight-Loss and Pain Relief

Anyone can ease pain, reduce weight, control stress and anxiety, or support a natural pregnancy using flower essence remedies and herbal supplements. We offer a hundred alternative health products tailored to each man or women's individual program needs.

What are the best alternative health products for your individual needs? 

The first step in choosing a personalized health program is educating yourself with accurate time-tested information.
 Free Health Tips for Natural Weight-Loss and Pain Relief
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  • Healthy Childbirth Kit
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  • Liver and Kidney
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  • Heart Health (Cardio)
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  • Cough and Congestion
  • Chronic Fatigue
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  • Painful Nerves
  • Stop Smoking
  • Self-Esteem
  • Prostate
  • Restful Sleep

It's important to remember that integrative alternative health is the future of health care, and is defined as giving the individual choices where previously there were none. It’s also important to realize that current alternative health products are often an evolution of traditional healing techniques from centuries before. Natural remedy products for men and women's health, along with other alternative health products, have been used around the world for generations. Chinese traditional medicine, Native American medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and Armenian herbal remedy traditions each encompass many thousands of years of development. From those ancient traditions, modern herbal extract and flower essence traditions have finally emerged in the West.
Free Health Tips for Natural Weight-Loss
use natural and organic foods

Today the alternative health products industry is an extensive mixture of health products, including: Homeopathic medicine, herbal remedy and flower essence products, health and beauty products, natural and organic foods, blended herbal and synthetic nutritional supplements, flower essence essential oils, herb teas, bulk herb supplement pills, sports boosting amino acid supplements, and many other natural remedies. The list is literally endless, and yet the choices ALL claim to be highly effective! With our years of experience, however, we have found that the truest mark of quality and efficacy in the alternative health products industry is and continues to be, the test of time. Alternative Health Networks, Inc. prides itself on its leading-edge products and non-hyped herbal remedy and flower essence selections that include some of the most tested and complex formulas in the industry. With over three decades of alternative health care experience, our formulations and quality are second to none. We even guarantee it.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Healthy Well Balanced Diet

Do you cognize what the term healthy well balanced diet means? Its something we hear a lot about, but few of us really fully understand it. A good definition comes from the University of Maryland MedicalCenter, which says this:
"A healthy well-balanced diet means receiving an accurate kinds and quantities of nutrients and drinks to source nutrition and energy for maintaining body cells, tissues, and organs, and for supporting normal growth and development."
The UMMC described the function of a well-balanced diet is one that "provides enough energy and nutrition for optimal growth and development."
Those definitions are good, as far as they go. But when most of us seek information about a well-balanced diet, what we are looking for are recommendations about how to build such a diet - what foods should we eat, and how much of them, to achieve a well-balanced diet?

Healthy Well Balanced Diet
the best diets improve body fitness

The Food Pyramid of Healthy Well Balanced Diet.

That's where the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Pyramid comes in very handy. The colours in the pyramid represent different "slices" of a healthy well-balanced diet. From left to right, here are the recommendations:

Healthy Well Balanced Diet
make food pyramid and follow-up

•          Orange/Grains: Eat at least three ounces of whole-grain bread, cereal, crackers, rice or pasta every day. In other words, get rid of that white flour and white starch and replace it with whole grains. (On ingredient lists, look for "whole" before the grain name.)
•          Green/Vegetables: Eat a lot of vegetables and a variety of them. Specifically, focus on getting more green leafy veggies and orange veggies into your diet. Legumes are great, too, and should constitute part of the veggie portion, but be sure to eat dry beans and fresh or frozen peas, as opposed to canned.
•          Red/Fruits: Eat a variety of fruits, but don't confuse drinking fruit juice with eating fruits. Fresh or frozen fruit is so much more beneficial than fruit juice, which typically is very high in sugars and doesn't give you the fibre or as much nutrient value as of fresh fruit.
•          Yellow/Oils: Cut way back on solid fats (butter, margarine, lard, etc.). Those are bad fats. Good fats are those found in fish, nuts, avocados, and oils such as olive oil.
•          Blue/Milk: Yes, milk gets its very own category. Choose low-fat or fat-free. If you don't or can't drink milk, you'll need to get calcium from other low-fat dairy or lactose-free sources. See the video to control body fat.
•          Purple/Meats & Beans: Always select low-fat or lean meats and poultry. Cut way back on red meats and substitute chicken, turkey or fish, or get protein from beans, nuts or seeds instead.
You can find much more specific recommendations about the Food Pyramid, portion sizes and balancing your meal planning. Read my previous article.

Healthy Well Balanced Diet and Weight Loss.

We'll let you in on a secret about weight loss: There is no secret way to lose weight. The only way to lose weight over the long term, and keep the weight off, is to eat better, eat less and exercise. That's it.
Sure, there are tons of gimmicky diet plans out there that promise great results, but if it sounds too good to be true, then - as far as dieting is concerned - it is too good to be true. Gimmick weight loss programs might work for short periods of time, but never over the long haul. That weight will come back. Click Here Watch Vidio for weight and fat reduction of the body.
If you need to lose weight, the key is focusing on a well-balanced diet combined with portion control and exercise. You might need the support and structure that comes from joining a weight loss program, and that's fine. Just make sure you choose one that takes a well-balanced diet approach and avoids gimmicks